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  1. JeffBr

    TUniLabel and angle/rotation

    I am in need of the same thing. Do you have any example draws angles label ? Thanks
  2. JeffBr

    uniDBGrid disable auto update.

    It's possible to navigate through UniDBGrid Cells from a procedure initiate from Button.Click ? for col := 0 to uniDbGrid.Cols - 1 do begin for row := 1 to uniDbGrid.Rows do begin end; end;
  3. JeffBr

    uniDBGrid disable auto update.

    How can I disable the auto update "loading..." from uniDBGrid every time I change and move from a cell ? It's possible ?
  4. JeffBr

    unlimited SessionTimeOut ?

    any example ?
  5. JeffBr

    unlimited SessionTimeOut ?

    How can I make the session be unlimited ? so user can stay on app as long he wants. Thanks.
  6. We have over 5000 clients. It's almost impossible that they will run the application at the same time , but you never know. Most like between 100 to 300 at the same time. It's will be small an application to do a math operation. Clients will not stay very long they will run and get out in less the 5 minutes average.
  7. What is best performance ? Run as Stand Alone App or through IIS7 dll ?
  8. JeffBr

    Isapi dll show loading but never load

    Before this link was provide on forum. The installer still available ? http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/files/file/12-unigui-extjs-runtime/ Thanks. Jeferson
  9. JeffBr

    Isapi dll show loading but never load

    We are evaluating the component and we like everything so far. But I have to do a demonstration running the application from our server instead my develop machine. Can i just install the extjs runtime package for a few days only ?
  10. JeffBr

    Isapi dll show loading but never load

    I need to install the extjs runtime on my server. Where can I download the installer ? Thanks