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  1. Alguém sabe se o valor da licença de 500 USD é para o computador desenvolvedor ou é para cada cliente?
  2. I installed uniGUI in Delphi XE6, none error occurred .. but not appears none component uniGUI. I wonder what happened?
  3. What I want is just set the focus to the fifth column of the next line when I press the Tab key. But doing this code, spoils the rest.
  4. Added the following functions: Keydown function keydown(e) { if (e.keyCode == 9) { this.panel.getSelectionModel().setCurrentPosition({row: this.panel.uniRow+1, column: 4}) } } Reconfigure function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { for (var i = 0; i < columns.length; i++) { columns.editor = {selectOnFocus: true}; }; columns[1].editor = {selectOnFocus: true, listeners: { specialkey: function(field, e) { if (e.getKey() == e.TAB) { sender.getSelectionMode
  5. Primeiro vc faz uma procedure com o evento setfocus! procedure TMainForm.Resposta1(Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer); begin edit1.SetFocus; end; E depois usa a procedure no showmessage no segundo parâmetro! showmessage('Mensagem de texto!',Resposta1);
  6. Obrigado, eu setei a propriedade TerminateOnBrowserClose = True no UniMainModule! E deu certo!
  7. I put one under the other, but in time to run the project it fails to open, hangs on 'Loading ...'
  8. The reconfigure code did not work. The cursor moves to column 4, then to column 1, then column 4, then column 3. How could I do to combine these two functions: function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { columns[1].editor = {listeners: { specialkey: function(field, e) { if (e.getKey() == e.TAB) { sender.getSelectionModel().setCurrentPosition({row: sender.getSelectionModel().getCurrentPosition().row, column: 5}); } } } }; } function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { columns[1].editor = {selectOnFocus: t
  9. The code you posted above has helped me a lot and I need to end, when the form is opened, the focus uniDBGrid already appears in column 5.
  10. thank you very much. As I do in the event OnAfterLoad or OnEnter (uniDBGrid) go for a column?
  11. Kalvaitir


    In uniGUI 0.95, I used the code: showmessage('Digite um CNPJ válido!',CallBack1); After installing uniGUI 0.96, an error occurred in this code: There is no overloaded of 'ShowMessage' that can be called with these arguments How could I solve?
  12. How do I donwload this version? Downloads only appears in 'uniGUI Version 0.95' and has no more file.
  13. I think it must be a bug uniGUI in uniNumberEdit, I can type the letter 'e', causing an error.
  14. I want that when the user clicks the Tab key, if it is in column 1 of DBGrid, it will go to column 5.
  15. Hello Farshad! My UniGUIVersion I should be using different version because my not has TerminateOnBrowserClose.
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