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  1. Hi,The same code can be displayed in tunimurlframe, but not in tunimhtml frame. Can you help me? thanks! mBaiduMap.rar
  2. A new line is added to the unimdbgrid component. The font color is set through the Attribs of drawcolumncell event, and the IOS operating system displays exceptions. Windows and Android are OK. i use Ver1.90.0 build 1541
  3. yes,I use ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2041.0。I've turned off the protection。
  4. I used the self-contained example "grid - dbtreegrid" to do the test. It can come out without the hyperserver interface, but it can't come out with it. What's the reason? Another question is, how can the mobile phone hide the status bar under the browser? Part of the interface is not visible after the full screen.
  5. For the tunimtreemenu component, setting align: = alclient does not work. It is always left aligned.
  6. I did not find the multi-choice property in the tunimtreemenu component. I tried to modify the imageindex property of the node in the code, but an error was reported :_snatr_is_not defined.thanks! I uses 1.90.0 build 1535.
  7. Tunimtreemenu can't use local images with tuninativeimagelist component. Only iconcls can be used. Why?
  8. Hi! Farshad unidbgrid how to direct print and export Excel File?
  9. Problem solved, thank you! Exe file download easily damaged, you are recommended to use the WinRAR file!
  10. You use my registration code to try, see can be installed?
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