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  1. Hi, From what I understand the ExtJs touch is obsolete. How do I then do it with uniGui Mobile? Should I use the normal framework or should I still use mobile that will move to use the full blown framework in the future? I am starting a new project and I want to make sure I choose the right framework. Regards, Fredrik.
  2. Larsson


    In the pasted code you have varURLFrame = Ext.getCmp('_URLFrame'); You need to have var URLFrame = Ext.getCmp('_URLFrame'); Since you are defining a variable.
  3. Larsson


    Hi, I am actually working on the same thing today. You need a space in varURLFrame (but I guess you have that). Additionally in UniEvents function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.id = '_URLFrame'; } This is where you assign the name that you locate with getCmp. Hope it helps. It worked for me with the code you had above. Regards, Fredrik.
  4. Thanks! I thought the download button was for the license key.. sorry about that!
  5. Just bought the license but I can't find the download of v 0,97 anywhere? Have downloaded the key though...
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