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  1. thiagopedro

    Bootstrap buttons

    Is it functional in version I tested it and it did not work.
  2. thiagopedro

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    Also tested with version ext-6.6.0 / uni- Same problem!
  3. thiagopedro

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    I'm also having the same problem. When using "Filter" / "Filtered = True" in FDQuery. Error in function TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow. "UniDBGrid" is not automatically filtering. After filtering and clicking the manually refresh uniDBGrid button, it updates the data, but the page count goes wrong. Anyway, you're in trouble! As I had already been informed by other colleagues, I figured that an update would soon come out. My Version: ext-6.6.0 / uni-
  4. thiagopedro

    PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid

    Does anyone have a working example in ext-6.5.3?
  5. thiagopedro

    UniFieldSet with 2 controls for line

    Please shared demo ?
  6. thiagopedro

    uniDbGrid -> Rows with border-radius: 5px ?

    how to do this? https://imgur.com/a/2NmAVYM
  7. thiagopedro

    Remove last border in grid...

    Please, How to remove only the last border of the grid? https://imgur.com/a/yel9Xc5
  8. thiagopedro

    Responsive Web App with Unigui webServer + dbfoxScript !! (Testing)

    Update? OpenSource dbFoxScript?
  9. thiagopedro

    Bug DBGrid WebOptins.Paged = False

    Found bug in uniDBGrid. Option setting default: WebOptions.Paged = False Event: Click in other row. Error: Move automatic cursor for last table row. Video demo: Version: 1466
  10. My contribution. Adapter for Unigui Thanks, Mohammad. CircleProgress_Unigui__1.10.0.1456.7z
  11. thiagopedro

    UniMemo set text...

    Yes. I tried "... setValue (" text ")" and "... setText (" text ") attached demo forum_unigui.7z
  12. thiagopedro

    UniMemo set text...

  13. thiagopedro

    UniMemo set text...

    MainForm.UniEdit SetValue("TEXT"); ==> OK MainForm.UniLabel SetText("TEXT"); ==> OK MainForm.UniMemo ?????
  14. thiagopedro

    to match js code grid to unigui

    They are different procedures. What you have indicated is drag and drop. This is "select files". I just need to know how to fit to load this event and associate it with a component.
  15. thiagopedro

    to match js code grid to unigui

    how can I use this js code in unigui? Ext.onReady(function () { var grid = Ext.widget({ xtype: 'grid', height: 400, store: { fields: ['name', 'size', 'progress', 'status'] }, tbar: [{ xtype: 'filefield', buttonOnly: true, width: 10, listeners: { render: function (s) { s.fileInputEl.set({ multiple: 'multiple' }); }, change: function (s) { Ext.each(s.fileInputEl.dom.files, function (f) { var data = new FormData(), rec = grid.store.add({ name: f.name, size: f.size, status: 'queued' })[0]; data.append('file', f); Ext.Ajax.request({ url: '/upload/files', rawData: data, headers: { 'Content-Type': null }, //to use content type of FormData progress: function (e) { rec.set('progress', e.loaded / e.total); rec.set('status', 'uploading...'); rec.commit(); }, success: function () { rec.set('status', 'done'); rec.commit(); }, failure: function () { rec.set('progress', 0); rec.set('status', 'failed'); rec.commit(); } }); }); } } }], columns: [ { text: 'Name', dataIndex: 'name', flex: 1 }, { text: 'Status', dataIndex: 'status', width: 100 }, { text: 'Progress', xtype: 'widgetcolumn', widget: { xtype: 'progressbarwidget', textTpl: [ '{percent:number("0")}%' ] }, dataIndex: 'progress', width: 100 }, { text: 'Size', dataIndex: 'size', width: 100, renderer: Ext.util.Format.fileSize } ], renderTo: Ext.getBody() }); }); thanks for the help