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  1. Never mind, got it Just removed the designide from the package and it worked fine. Built 64Bit first then compiled and installed under 32bit.
  2. When I try and load the package into Delphi, the IDE itself crashes with delphicore.bpl Access Violation. However when I then try and create a new package with just the Pascal file and then build under 64 I get :- [dcc64 Fatal Error] BMUniDBGrid64.dpk(33): E2202 Required package 'designide' not found Any ideas ?
  3. I don't have that demo listed. I have DBDemo but that is from a Datasource and Blobs Can you send me it please, or attach it here.
  4. OK, so I might not fully understand, or explained myself properly. I am grabbing the Youtube information via their API system, performing some calculations and then storing the results in a Generic List. The list contains TYoutubeResults class and in that class I have a property called ThumbURL which is a string to the thumbnail of said video. Now in order to show this in a DBGrid I am aware I need to populate a DBMemTable and then add that as Datasource for the DBGrid, however given that the URL is only a string, how do I tell it to display (fetch the image) instead of displaying a str
  5. Hi, I am trying to display some information to the user (a list of Youtube videos to be precise) and I want to display the Thumbnail as well. How do I get the picture displayed in a UniDBGrid? I thought, originally about creating a Frame and placing a normal UniImage on there and then displaying that BUT then I realized I needed to be able to actually allow the user to sort. Hence the Grid
  6. This won't install for the 64Bit edition. It installs perfectly for the 32Bit, but refuses on 64bit. Any ideas what's going on ? Delphi XE5 Regards Anthoni
  7. That's the current paid version isn't it ? No offense, I am going to definitely get it, just can't commit yet
  8. Excellent Do you have an estimated time frame on this ? (I know don't like giving time frames, but an estimate and I promise not to hold you to it ) BTW: The uniTimer memo refresh now works perfectly. Timer calls a thread function that implements a Critical Section inside to check string data and then updates memo accordingly
  9. Hi Farshad, Thanks..... Developing Web based software requires one to shift paradigm thinking. I am so used to developing for the desktop, this takes a little getting used to. On a side note: I know this is more Client side based and UniGui is all server based, but do you have any demos / examples of using HTML5 WebSockets ? Or even just a quick example of how I use one. For example := the user clicks a button and I want to retrieve a webpage (using WebSockets) from the Client browser and then pass that result into the server.
  10. Hello, I have a Window and in this window I have several Frames with content and it's designed to be a Wizard style interface. On one of these Frames I have a TUniMemo and I want to keep adding content into this dynamically depending on what is happening in the software. However, it's not working. From the Frame I am creating a Thread. This Thread does the main work and I want to keep the user informed. At first I tried standard events, did not update. Next I tried passing in the TUniMemo to my thread and then updating the lines inside a Synchronize method, but still it does not
  11. Obviously (like quite a lot of people here) I am wanting UniGUI, but I would also like it at the 500USD price as well When does that price change ? You mentioned in the post on the purchase page that it will change before it hits 1.0 (which I understand) but also might be sooner ? Any idea when 1.0 will be released ? I don't want to miss the price change BUT I am not quite finished playing about with it. Regards Anthoni
  12. Hey, I am trying to get an interface similar to this :- https://apiwiki.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/mozscape-attribution.png The left hand side where it has the icons with the labels and the fancy mouseover technique. I am guessing I can do it with a listbox (similar to the MegaDemo menu at the side), but I am not that crash hot with CSS so I might me right Does anyone have an idea, or point me in the right direction to get started please ?
  13. That's because that target does not actually exist I have Delphi (and thus FastReports) installed on my D Drive not on C So clearly it's picking it up from who ever wrote the demo, but I need to reset the paths, or work out WHY it's trying to re-compile FastReports
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