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  1. Hi Farshad! Just to confirm! 1- if i need to install in 10 customers, i will have to buy 10 licenses? 2- I have only one machine for development, so i only have to pay a license to develop with unigui? 3- I currently use version 0.94.1024, this version expires? How this will work?
  2. Isso vai te ajudar porém é um exemplo com o fastreport eu te aconselho usar esse gerador! Demo_FastReport.rar
  3. change the timeout property for the servermodule to 900000000 or more.
  4. follows the configurations file that is placed in the wamp folder alias; ps: remove the (.txt); myappalias.conf.txt
  5. I need to create na edit button where i can set the onclick event of this button.
  6. Does not work in version 1024 does anyone know why....
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