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  1. Hi Sokel, Use it as you use in not unigui apps. Im using and its working ok... Design your report as usual and when printing use somthing like this: frxRepRelCobroxAgencia.PrepareReport; //prepare your report frxPDFExport1.FileName:= 'myreport.pdf'; frxPDFExport1.ShowDialog := false; frxRepRelCobroxAgencia.Export(Dm_Reportes.frxPDFExport1); UniSession.SendFile(Dm_Reportes.frxPDFExport1.FileName); // open pdf in browser (depends on browser settings) for this you need to drop in your form a fastreport PDFExport component.
  2. Hi Farshad I´m the venezuelan guy how talked you about currencies change control in this country. I want to buy a license (single developer) using credit cards from some friends (as you told me) ... What is the next step? What's the information you need? Please, I need to buy the license at this price because otherwise I won't be able to afford it (for the problem I talked about) Best regards.
  3. Yes! this is a good option for me. I'll contact as soon as possible to buy my license. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Farshad, In my particular case I'm living in Venezuela and the government has implemented a change control (money transfer, credit card etc in dollars) asigned a limit of US300$ per year ... and with other personal yearly duties like software updates or renewal I almost reach my yearly limit... could be an option for me to buy a licence? For example: make payments with different credit cards (from friends) thanks and best regards!
  5. Hi everybody, I'm new in UniGui (Im downloading the installation file at this moment) and, my opinion is if after evaluate the product it work as it seems to work its worth any dollar we pay for it and sencha and any other tools we need in order to development modern, secure, stable and fast application. So, Farshad, nice to meet you, you have positive vote.
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