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  1. It's work, thanks you mr Sherzod
  2. hello, anybody know how to hide last or all separators in grid navigator/pagination. fyi, i use theme's gray. thanks you.
  3. try to change DateTimePicker Format On Runtime, but doesnt work. procedure TMainForm.UniRadioGroup1Click(Sender: TObject); begin case UniRadioGroup1.ItemIndex of 0 : UniDateTimePicker1.DateFormat := 'dd MMMM yyyy'; 1 : UniDateTimePicker1.DateFormat := 'MMMM yyyy'; 2 : UniDateTimePicker1.DateFormat := 'yyyy'; end; end;
  4. it's seem done with unimainmodule -> desktopviewport -> maskscrollable = true
  5. How do I set the UniGui application that uses Extjs version 7 (unigui 1.90.xxx) to act like Extjs version 4 (unigui 1.0). On Extjs version 4 (unigui 1.0) the UniGu application can be opened on a mobile phone with full view and can be enlarged or reduced.
  6. how to change field label to normal color when a component unigui like unidbedit is disabled ?
  7. user defined paper not appear in paper size selection on pdf preview
  8. in the previous test case i am not enabled screen mask yet. and then I enable it, hope screen mask appears when I click the trigger button. but screen mask appear everytime I type in the unidbedit.
  9. hi sherzod, function click(sender, eOpts) { sender.showMask('Loading, Please Wait...'); ajaxRequest(sender, 'test'); } procedure TMainForm.UniDBEdit1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if EventName='test' then begin Sleep(1000); end; end; That code show mask but not only button trigger, could you help me
  10. It's work very well. Thanks you. but now I have another problem when screen mask enabled to that unidbedit. every time I type a letter in the unidbedit, the screen mask appears. Can the screen mask appear only when clicking the trigger button? FYI, I avoid synchronous mode in my project.
  11. I mean, the trigger button on unidbedit should be hidden like the trigger button on unidblookupcombobox when the record status is read only.
  12. here a test app unidbedit_trigerbtn.7z
  13. hi sherzod, i mean like in this video. btdbedit.mp4.mp4
  14. Hi, Trigger button not hide when datasource autoedit = false. even though the properties of the trigger button have been set to hidereadonly = true. Any suggestion? many thanks.
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