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  1. Popo

    maximize form dd

    base on thread here : raise error when form maximize.
  2. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    finally i found without having to change the form name , sory me, extjs newbie function window.afterrender(sender, eOpts) { var me = sender; me.dd = new Ext.dd.DDProxy(me, { delegate: me.id }); me.dd.afterDrag = (function() { me.updateLayout() }); Ext.onReady(function() { me.dd.setHandleElId(sender.owner.UniPanel1.id); }); }
  3. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    the method I mean here is without changing the name of the form on each derivative.
  4. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    Its seem I should rename the parent form name on each child form, or is there a more concise method ?
  5. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    hi sherzod, here a testcase... DRAG FORM.7z
  6. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    hi sherzord, thanks for the response. i'm sorry sherzord, but the code doesn't work on its derivative form. and usually when the unigui form is moved there appears with color opacity, but not here
  7. Popo

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

    this code moves the form with all the controls in it. how to move the form with just one control, for example only the unipanel1 can move the form. I tried to modify the code but it didn't work :).
  8. how to change all comboboxs/dblookupcomboboxs to be transparent in unigui projects, when using the ubuntu or mac theme. (not one by one).
  9. Popo

    default button

    any methods to make button default so no dependent of themes.
  10. thank Oliver Morsch for your answer
  11. the following is an illustration : 1. Unit File : 2. Unit Data Module : 3. Unit Form1 : when active session more then one and one of the user call the procedure CloseOpenDataset, will it be done simultaneously in each session ?
  12. that is what I mean, even though there is something under the combobox (like a thick line) when it's clicked. thanks Sherzod.
  13. Popo

    unidbgrid navigator alignmet

    Helo Sherzod, thanks, it's work. eventhough the button is a bit too edge. maybe because I omit the border of unidbgrid. sorry Sherzod, I have another question, I have a Unigui to license but the one currently installed is version In this version, Is refreshcurrentrows/refresh function on unidbgrid not implement yet for datasnap ?, I tried to create an application with datasnap framework but the function does not seem to have much effect (cannot get the latest record) when the function is called. And whether on that version the enter key (#13) cannot be used to move between columns on the grid. fyi : i've set navigator key properties on form. Sorry, I asked a lot, I am now excited again to learn Unigui