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  1. Kiener

    EXE x DLL

    Did you add some database stuff to your app?. Or you use some other third parrty components?. Check for CoInitialize/CoUnitialize. There is a property "AutoInitialize" or so in the servermodule. Try to set it to true.
  2. Mostly this has to do with a component who use OLE Objects internaly. In ServerModule try AutoCoInitialize := true; Alternatively you can do this: Coinitialize(nil); try //Do your stuff here.. finally CoUninitialize; end; You have to add WinAPI.ActiveX to your "uses" section.
  3. Kiener

    pascal on client side

    Are there plans to write client events in pascal too? Something like this? https://github.com/bytbox/pas2js Anyone knows morfik ( http://www.morfik.com/)? With this dev-tool you are able to write in pascal for client and for server side. Client side pascal will then compiled into javascript. Great concept, very elegant. But unfortunatly morfik is not maintained anymore. Cheers!
  4. Kiener

    1422: Error compiling uniGUI25dcl.dpk

    Same with version 1404. Must be a problem of Rad Studio 10.2 Update 2. Any ideas?
  5. [dcc32 Fataler Fehler] uniGUI25dcl.dpk(73): F2051 Unit ExpertUtilities wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von ToolsAPI.IOTASourceEditor compiliert Tokyo 10.2 Update 2
  6. Yes, i have to know if the cell i click on is on a grouped row or not. With "Row.ChildNodes = 0" i could detect this. That's ok. How can that be done?
  7. Hi, I found this entry but unfortunately no answer to it: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8553-tunidbtreegrid-get-a-specific-cell-value-rowcol/?hl=tunidbtreegrid My problem is that i have to detect if a user has clicked a "grouped" row cell to avoid the action in CellClick( Column: TUniDBGridColumn). Something like if column.GroupIndex > 0... Is there a mechanism for doing such things?
  8. Kiener

    MVC pattern in UniGUI vs traditional coding to form

    Hi, Thanks to all who had participate to this topic. Very interesting. So maybe as conclusion we could say: Project: Complex, quality is the top priority (medicinal software, rocket steering ): Use MVC approach. Write test code for automatic test scenes ( "continous integration" ). If you are more then one developer team working on the same project, then this approach would recommended. Project: Not very complicated, quality is important but not a killer argument: Use standard "Delphi" approach. OK?
  9. Kiener

    MVC pattern in UniGUI vs traditional coding to form

    Have no experiences in MVC/UniGui but would be interested too..
  10. Kiener

    redirect http to https

    HTTP to HTTPS on IIS Note: You must have installed the URL Rewrite Module. 1. You must https and http make aviable for the domain. (For configure SSL see Google ;-)) Then you can configure a Rewrite Rule:
  11. I plan to make a unigui mobile app who should run offline. Has some of you guys experience with this?: https://phonegap.com/ https://www.appypie.com/convert-website-to-mobile-apps Has the unigui framework some helper to save data in the browsers cache (except cookies ;-))?.
  12. Kiener

    Login with SA vs windows authentication

    Depends on your environment. If you use windows operating system user then keep behind that your unigui module uses the User in which the dll runs for log in to the db server/db. If you use apache then i think its the user the apache service start with. On IIS you can define the user in the application pool. If you define a user in sql server then you are on the easier side. But then you have to set the password in your unigui module what could be a security issue.
  13. Kiener

    Data Access error

    Try... TUniServerModule - AutoCoinitialize - True
  14. Kiener

    UniGui Showcase

    Hi folks, Yesterday evening we had a meetup of the "delphi group switzerland". I did a little presentation of the uniGUI framework. The participants were enthusiastic about it. Hope some licences get sold :-). Go ahead guys. Well done.
  15. Kiener

    Deploy: IIS vs Apache

    apache: As far as i know apache loads a module on startup and exactliy this instance of the module lives until apache server stops running. A error or memory leak inside your module tends to make the whole apache server instable. That was a main reason why we changed to the IIS. Maybe that behavior has changed meanwhile. IIS: You can configure IIS to load and unload the module as is needed. We running more then 200 modules here on one IIS server. If per example a module get no request 10 min then configure the IIS to unload it. The benefit of this is a smaller overal memory need. Also we can update modules while the IIS keep running. We have serveral application pools configured, so we need only to restart the pool where the updated module lives under. Edit: Of course first try to eliminate memory leaks in your module ;-).