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  1. In my college, in public administration,...
  2. Many web apps allow the user to select a digital certificate and to do some operations, even signing documents. I need to do it without installing anything in client side. I'll keep searching. Regards
  3. Hello I need to implement a process to add a digital signature to an existing PDF. The user must be able to select a local certificate (in client machine) and the app must sign the pdf file with this certificate. Thanks in advance Antonio Torregrosa
  4. I attach a sample. In this one I also show some UniCalendarPanel doubts. Thx. _pruebas.zip
  5. But now there are problems with the bar colors. The java that I used to set bar colors in old version now hangs the form.
  6. I have two bar series created in design. Not stacked. If I assign different brush colors C1 and C2 to them, when running, all bars in both series appear with color C1. It does not work assigning colors in design time nor in run time. And in the legend still appear original colors. Thx in advance
  7. This is not working in Unigui How can we edit the default colors? Are they in a file? Thx
  8. Hello. I have same problem. In code: S1 and S2 are two Series in a Bar Chart Note that second series take same colour than first one. And in the legend the colors are incorrect. I'm using Unigui Regards
  9. This worked fine in old Unigui, but in Unigui 1.90 it does not work! Any solution?
  10. I've set up a VM with Unigui 1.90 (last one I can get with my subscription) and it works ok. The problem was in the old version.
  11. Sorry, but now I have 3 apps in production and upgrading suposes to buy a license renovation, plus rebuild and review all apps. Probably I'll update Unigui after this summer. Thanks anyway.
  12. I attach a sample video (URL): https://randomware.es/descargas/2020-08-05 16-06-34.mkv Thx
  13. Please repeat the "Generate Data" button and click each time on first "Get Image" Button. If you don't see rubbish (in Y labels) and overlapped bars in image (like in this image), then we can be sure that the problem is in the Unigui/Sencha version. In this case I'd like to know if I can patch just this component, so I can not update my Unigui version by now. I'm using Unigui 1.0.1424 (proffesional, registered to atorregrosa@tricom.es) and Delphi 10.3. Regards PD The Second "Get Image" button was for testing if I can get the image directly from object, but it only works in client side, not in server side (and I can't change the filename and destination folder). Thx in advance
  14. Just in previous post you have the simplest sample posible. I can't put it online, but I attach as ZIP. Regards _unichartdemo1.zip
  15. How can you set the file name and destination folder? Thx
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