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  1. Mike

    Order tracking system

    Hi, Please send me a PM.
  2. Mike

    Order tracking system

    Hi, I have developed a webbased order tracking system (with barcodescanners) and want to sell the source/rights to distribute/commercialize it. If interested just send me a PM (direct message for confidentiality). Regards.
  3. Mike

    SSL SAN certificates

    Hi , Does uniGUI (version )support SSL SAN certificates? More information about SAN certificates can be found at https://geekflare.com/san-ssl-certificate/
  4. Mike

    DBLookupComboBox set value

    Thanks. It is working.
  5. Mike

    Get fieldname in headerclick

    Hi, Thanks. That solved it. Regards, Mike
  6. Mike

    Get fieldname in headerclick

    Hi, On the client side. When clicked on a column header the column is sorted (via SQL).
  7. Mike

    Get fieldname in headerclick

    Hi, How can the fieldname of a dbgrid column be retrieved via headerclick? Regards, Mike
  8. Mike

    DBLookupComboBox set value

    I would like also know how to set the first (only) record active in a DBLookupCombobox.
  9. Any suggestions how to change the field of storeModel?
  10. The roadmap looks great but I have still two concerns which are not answered. 1. In the circumstance that for some reasons there will be no support anymore. Will the sourcecode come available to registered customers or can we purchase it? 2. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11483-client-side-sorting-on-date-column-doesnt-work-properly/&tab=comments#comment-61891
  11. Mike

    Redirect URL to other webapplication

    Ok will do some tests.
  12. Mike

    Redirect URL to other webapplication

    Thank you. I checked out the touch/detectplatform so now I know what kind of device is accessing the application. When it is a mobile device I would like to redirect it to another webapplication (mobile uniGUI). Would then AResponseInfo.Redirect('') in UniGUIServerModuleHTTPDocument work and can I prevent that the user sees the internal address?
  13. Mike

    Redirect URL to other webapplication

    Hi, I assume there is only one application. Is that correct? Instead of this I would like to redirect https://www.example.com/m to another uniGUI application (f.e. with IP on the same machine. Would this be possible?
  14. Hi, For example an uniGUI application is accessible via a SSL certificaat (f.e. https://www.example.com). Would it be possible to redirect URL https://www.example.com/m to another uniGUI mobile application so every user (desktop or mobile) can use the same URL (except the /m path)?
  15. It's not clear to me. Can I extend the current desktop application with mobile devices support or must I build a new mobile application (via Wizard)?