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  1. Mike

    Multiple File Upload

    Hi, It is just out of interest.
  2. Mike

    Multiple File Upload

    Hi, If the problem with memory is solved with the latest UniGUI version (Sencha 6.5).
  3. Uploading small files can be done but larger files are getting stuck. Supporting more HTTPCommand values would be nice or even better a multifile uploader
  4. Mike

    Multiple File Upload

    Any news about this?
  5. I also believe in Farshad good intentions but sometimes there are circumstances that you can't control. The first post is from April and there is still no reaction/assurance on this matter. That worries me.
  6. @wprins I feel the same way. Yes uniGUI is a great product but what happens if FMSoft for some reason is not able to support current or release new versions anymore. That risk is currently too high for me so I am also considering alternatives.
  7. Mike

    Panel not on top

    Thanks! I have solved the by using a dblookupcombo.
  8. Mike

    Panel not on top

    Hi, I have placed a panel (blue) in a form and would like it to show on top but some controls (like dbgrid) are still in front of it. See attached picture. How can this be solved? uniGUI is the used version. Regards.
  9. Mike

    Connection log parameters

    Thank you!
  10. Mike

    Connection log parameters

    Yes that is correct.
  11. Mike

    Connection log parameters

    Hi Farshad, Could you please help with this question?
  12. Mike

    Connection log parameters

    Hi, Could someone please explain the connection log parameters?
  13. Mike

    SSL errors

    Unfortunately I get the same result.
  14. Mike

    SSL errors

    If I select both options it changes automatically back to sslvSSLv3.
  15. Mike

    SSL errors

    Hi Farshad, If select this method and select [sslvTLSv1_1,sslvTLSv1_2] the method jumps back to sslvSSLv3.