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  1. got it top.ajaxRequest(top.MainmForm.form,'senderHash', ['hash='+hash]);
  2. I have a function in javascript where I wanted to trigger the return of it to mainmForm, but I'm not getting it, how to do it? I'm trying that way function hashPagSeguro() { PagSeguroDirectPayment.onSenderHashReady(function (response) { if (response.status == 'error') { console.log(response.message); return false; } var hash = response.senderHash; ajaxRequest(MainmForm,'senderHash', ['hash='+hash]); console.log(hash); }); } but I am having this error
  3. Hello friends, it is with great happiness that I announce that today the application is running smoothly, as we can see in the image we hit 354 sessions and we had no problem with performance, of course I had a job analyzing my codes and improving, but mainly we doubled to 16gb memory, 8 processors and 1gigabite network.
  4. I need help with my application I'm having this error Project1.exe: 000015F8: 11:16:04 []: EUniSessionException: Invalid session or session timeout. (Session not found: 23_VVwFj8bixu1079F49B9): Addr: $ 00767622 the application is over 300 simultaneous accesses, but it is not taking it anymore, what can I do more with the hyperserver to improve?
  5. I'm trying to get some data from a mobile application, but the user's browser, version and operating system does not return procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormShow(Sender: TObject); var C : TUniClientInfoRec; SessionID:String; IPAddress:String; BrowserType: string; BrowserVersion: Integer; OSType: string; begin SessionID:=UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID; IPAddress:=UniApplication.RemoteAddress; C:=UniApplication.ClientInfoRec; BrowserType:=C.BrowserType; BrowserVersion:=C.BrowserVersion; OSType:=C.OSType; criaArquivoLog('Browser: '+BrowserType); criaArquivoL
  6. I'm having this error below when I open the webcam screen when the application is on the server, I already checked and the js files are in the right folder.
  7. Oops, I will answer in English not to change this topic to the br rs, of course there will be several needs, but so far, all the reports I need to do with this type of calculation, I will not have the need to make it dynamic, not least because if there is a way to do this in the pivotgrid, it would be easy to create a way for the user to choose a form and then assemble it, an example is to use the pivot in a report where the user selects which columns he wants to see.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I saw through the console that the file webcam.min.js is missing in the files folder, as it only has webcam.js, so I made a webcam.min.js from webcam.js and it worked. thank you.
  9. thanks, I managed to change, compile and install, but testing the demo of the WebCam, it is not listing the webCam of the notebook, what can it be?
  10. I can't install on unigui, it gives error [dcc32 Fatal Error] UniGUIOS.dpk(31): E2202 Required package 'uniGUI25' not found
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