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  1. Dear Farshad Following issue picture.rar
  2. I will remove one item record, prev completely removed I will provide confirmation, if not cancel the delete process.how to delete a record in the grid there is a message to delete the record on the grounds Delete Record 2.bmp Delete Record 3.bmp Delete Record.bmp
  3. knopix


    how to make menu like this in unigui?help me
  4. Mr.Eduardo Belo,help me how when I was going to print the report pdf by date or no batch?I use 1 piece TUniEdit and 1 TUniButton to print the report PDF? Regards Knopix
  5. hello i have a question when I create applications with unigui I want to download the file with format XLS.file I put them in a folder with the name folder.what about when i want to download the file with the XLS formate, I save a lot of XLS file name. Uniedit and using one button,coding examples :UniSession.SendFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath +'MASTERUC1000.XLS','NewName.XLS'); Regards Knopix
  6. It's not like I expected, I made a function to convert a number into a code letter.example: my birth date could be 310 885 how MNDCCR. Regards Knopix
  7. how to change the numbers to letters in unigui.Example: 200613 be UDDAND.NUMERALCOD (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0). Regards Knopix
  8. ok thank you very much Mr.Oleg very helpful Regards Knopix
  9. how when we update the data in DBGrid always position the mouse pointer on the position data to update the data in my update For Exsample No. 3 position set Focus is on number 3. not return to No.1,is there a solution Mr.Farhad? Regards Knopix
  10. Good Job Mr.Roberto,Thanks Share.you are using Delphi, Native Excel Version How Regards Knopix
  11. How come when printing PDF Report, Export to Excel stored together with the application that we created.Mr.Eduardo Belo Regards Knopix
  12. knopix


    Hello Mr.Antonio Martínez What If I create a Project with ISAPI MODULE Unigui? When to Export to PDF, XML, XLS at QuikReport? Regards Knopix
  13. knopix


    Hello Mr.Alberto vesx is there any sample project for me to learn ISAPI MODULE.which can Export to pdf, xml, XLS? thank you. Regards Knopix
  14. how to print a report based on the date in ReportBuilder? Regards Knopix
  15. ok thanks, but there is one problem no error message: [Error dcc32] Main.pas (61): E2065 Unsatisfied forward or external declaration: 'TMainForm.PrintReport' Regards Knopix
  16. I create a project with mysql database when going to export to pdf, excel no problem?[dcc32 Error] Main.pas(100): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'dtXLSReport',[dcc32 Error] Main.pas(123): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'dtPDF' and [dcc32 Error] Main.pas(144): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'dtXLSData'.there is a solution? Regards Knopix
  17. whether the project you created using the database? use Delphi version number? mine using Delphi XE2 with unigui 0.93 Regards Knopix
  18. Thank You Very Much Mr.Eduardo Belo Regards Knopix
  19. Thank you so much Mr.Eduardo Belo for helping me.if there are constraints may I ask you again thank you Regards Knopix
  20. there is an example project to export to excel Mr.Eduardo Belo.I am using mysql database subordinate wamp. Regards
  21. I use FastReport but when I make ISAPI application MODULE unigui can not seem to export reports to Excel and print to html, pdf? there a solution? whether the ReportBuilder is the ISAPI project MODULE?Thank You Mr.Eduardo Belo Regards Knopix
  22. whether the report builder support to unigui? Thanks Regards Knopix
  23. knopix

    UniDBGrid PageSize

    Thank you very Much Mr.Nim Regards Knopix
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