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  1. daycon

    Hide Labels

    Solution: TUniPieSeries.SeriesLabel.Font.Color = clNone
  2. daycon

    Hide Labels

    TUniPieSeries.SeriesLabel.Display = none, is not working...
  3. daycon

    Hide Labels

    hello. Can you let me know how can I hide labels from PieChart?
  4. please. could release build compatible with delphi 10.4 sydney?
  5. Hello Farshad, Please, can you position us, when we will have UNIGUI compatible with DELPHI 10.4 SYDNEY? All third party components i use, already released updated versions. I'm just waiting for UNIGUI to migrate to 10.4 Thx,
  6. Este tipo de erro geralmente ocorre quando tentamos compilar um projeto em C++ usando um package que so esta instalado no Delphi. Aproveitando, minha sugestao para o grupo de brasileiros, seria ao inves de separarmos nossas duvidas num forum especifico em portugues, nos esforcarmos para utilizar os foruns padroes em ingles mesmo. Embora concorde que é mais simples escrevermos em nossa linguagem de origem, é possivel com certa facilidade ler e escrever em ingles usando ferramentas como google translator. Uma vantagem é que estariamos contribuindo mais com o projeto, pois por exemplo este er
  7. Follow my humble opnion: I think uniGUI brought us an option to develop web applications with an ease that did not exist. In addition to take advantage of the knowledge and the codes we already have in Delphi. And for me, I'd rather pay to produce faster, than save investment and take much longer time to meet my clients. Studying another language? Absolutely not. Time is money! And if we want to continue Farshad investing your time in uniGUI have to give financial support to do so. Due to excellent quality uniGUI presented until now, I vote we pay ~800USD for PRO versio
  8. I agree! 1) standard 2) pro (with sources) And I suggest, an option to pay monthly (or annual) to be eligible for upgrades and premium support.
  9. Dear Anachronox, I understand that uniGUI is commercial product. When I speak of "contribution" would be as a means of encouraging Farshad to arrive as soon as a final product. I would like to cast a vote of confidence in uniGUI based on work that has already been done so far. I'm very excited about the product and would like to see your launch as soon as possible. If this pay 500USD for a support pack, serve as an incentive, I would be willing to do it. Farshad would be possible?
  10. I am happy to know that others feel the same way. I hope very much the growth of this project. Hello Farshad, you have a PayPal account? And it would be possible to study some monthly contribution to the project? Thank you, Daycon
  11. Hello, I would like to congratulate for the excellent product. I know of no other solution so stable and easy to develop web application quality as uniGUI. Farshad, you have an account on PayPal? I would like to make a contribution to the project. I believe that other people, like me, who are betting on the future of this product, we should unite and create a monthly payment plan to encourage the continuation of the project. I have tested several solutions for web development with Delphi and did not find any so simple, stable and quality as uniGUI. Again congratulations
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