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  1. Could someone explain to me how the architecture looks then ... Thank you
  2. Hello... I was reading the documentation of unigui and something is not clear to me ... If we set CreateOnDemand: = True of the MainModule. This is no longer true: "A uniGUI session contains a specialized DataModule called MainModule, which is created automatically for each session." Extracted from: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/unigui_application_architecture.htm Because if it is created on demand, it is no longer created automatically for each session.
  3. I can go making payments of 200 usd to complete the amounts ... From Argentina we cannot pay more than 200 usd ... I understand that it is not your problem, but I am trying to see you find an alternative for the purchase
  4. Hello, due to the presidential elections on Sunday, the central bank of Argentina implemented an exchange rate of 200 usd per month. This complicates the payment of the license since I cannot pay in 1 payment. Is there any alternative payment, since we can only buy 200 USD per month?
  5. But why is that ghost session created? ... Consume resources ... Look at the log ... Do you also have the ghost session? That ghost session should not be created ... please someone explain to me, thanks
  6. Hello... Attached generated log file and example. I also detail exactly what I do. 1- Start the application from delphi, and open google chrome incognito mode. 2 - Entry to localhost:8077 09:18:17 [MainModule]:Create: TdQNucIISi104D386D2 -----> This session is created. 09:18:31 [MainModule]:Destroy: TdQNucIISi104D386D2 -----> I finish it with UniSession.Terminate. 09:18:41 [MainModule]:Create: Yf2JryKCE2104D386EE -----> I restart the application from the link in the finished session window and create this session for
  7. Can you share the example? I have a similar problem when the browser is closed
  8. A license serves me for my pc and my notebook
  9. Support will improve when you have the license
  10. Hello, while I wait for the authorization to purchase the license to download the free version
  11. Hello... I'm doing some tests and detect that when the application starts after closing the browser, 2 sessions are created (1 that is shown and another that dies with the timeout) Could someone explain to me why this happens?
  12. Working with 64-bit Firebird 3. Do you think it is a good database engine for working with Unigui?
  13. Hello Farshad. Thanks for your answer... I clarify some points that I think were not understood. 1) . Unigui plans to stay alive for 3 or 4 more years? 2). They replace Sencha Touch with Ext JS Modern Toolkit for mobile developments?. 3). You are aware that there are projects with thousands of users (sessions) connected at the same time. In practice, how many users did I get connected? I hope you can answer me ... While I advance in the management of the license. Regards.
  14. Hello, could you tell me how many simultaneous users you have in your systems? Thank you...
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