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    Maybe the CPU: i3 you need i7
  2. mhmda

    iFrame (UniRLFrame)

    Well, it is not as easy as you think, if the site is static you may use jquery to get values. We use chromium component for delphi to send data and receive data from specific sites. It all depends on the page you load inside the iframe, and do not forget the url il loaded in the client side not in the server, for starting inspect the fields that you want to get and use jquery to get their values.
  3. mhmda

    How can i produce my own theme ?

  4. mhmda

    DatePicker Multiselect?

    I didn't test it with Extsj 6.5
  5. mhmda

    DatePicker Multiselect?

    I want to enable multi select in in UniCalendar: I added this: function picker.beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls='room_clndr';//class for background color config.DisabledDates=[];//array to hold disabled days } function picker.select(sender, date, eOpts) { sender.DisabledDates.push(date); sender.setDisabledDates(sender.DisabledDates); } Everything works great except this: if user want to cancel one date from those highlighted (disabled) dates by clicking on it using the mouse, but it disabled because it has -disabled- class, How can I enable the mouse event on those disabled dates, when user click on disabled date I remove it from the array and call: sender.setDisabledDates(sender.DisabledDates); Any idea?
  6. Here we design a login form with semi-transparent background color, and the whole page has a random background-image that changed every time user do a login and we add a particles animation to give the page some life :-) and we also added a combobox to give the user the ability to choose a theme. Here a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyTsg9_CY-Y
  7. mhmda

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Hi, Thank you for great component, would you please add localize: language=ar|he|.....
  8. Here you go... Servermodule->CustomeCSS: .x-tab-active .x-tab-inner { color: #800000 !important; }
  9. mhmda

    Main menu that works for tablet and phone

    Hi, I use flaticon.com https://www.flaticon.com/packs/human-relations-and-emotions-8
  10. mhmda

    UniDBImage. Dragging image.

    Check this: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8047-dbgrid-dragdrop-advanced-tutorial/?hl=drag+%26amp%3Bamp%3B+drop&do=findComment&comment=45452
  11. This will not be correct if I do sorting in client-side !!
  12. mhmda

    Is possible?

    Unigui is a great framework, our company has developed more than 15+ products in productoin which serve our customers everywhere. You can not find any framework that even can be closed to what Unigui can give you, plus the great support that we get from Fmsoft. beside that you talked about the "investment" in unigui well the price very reasonable and affordable, and we never use "cracked" versions of any app we respect other's work.
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    Eid Adha mubarak

    Adha Mubarak. كل عام وأنتم بخير
  14. Hi, when you publish your App at Play store or App store (hybrid app) it is not easy to get work from first, I am fighting for a week for getting location work correctly and also we enable the navigation using Waze or Google maps, I will publish the needed code for Android and swift as soon as I can.
  15. mhmda

    Sorting DBGrid

    This might help you http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6225-dbgrid-clientside-sorting/
  16. mhmda

    All About YOU

    Great, Thank You
  17. mhmda

    Service can’t stop

    We deploy our apps ONLY as windows service and it works for years without problems.
  18. I personally like this: http://Synopse mORMot framework