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  1. mhmda

    How to move BorderStyle=bsNone Modal form

  2. mhmda

    Can add this Hint (Tooltip) functions

    This might help you https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.5.3/modern/Ext.tip.ToolTip.html
  3. mhmda

    UniDBGrid Grouping Font ve Background özellikleri

    Hello, please use client side code in unievents > beforeinit and use xtemplate for the grouping title, you can find samples in project sample.
  4. mhmda

    DBGrid sync delayed with others DBControls

    Hi, have you debug the app using developers tools in chrom and see the network tab. When u scroll there is ajax request goes to the server to tell him about current record and the server also updates your edit with the desired value. If your network has issues then this will affect the performance. The best solution is tp use client side code to update the edit text, I always use that especially when I do search on the grid.
  5. mhmda

    to match js code grid to unigui

    It is all available in unigui framework, except the progressbar that indicates the ‰ of the upload process, if you want to handle it manually you have also to handle server side code, anyway you may use the event 'viewready' in the clientevents of the grid and then for the specific column add your progress bar, also you may use the column renderer event to insert the progressbar.
  6. mhmda

    3 doubts about unigui mobile(dblistgrid)

    1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Yes, please refer to projects sample in User area section, all there.
  7. mhmda

    Customizing UnimPanel with CSS

    What about cls/bodyCls...
  8. mhmda

    Customizing UnimPanel with CSS

    Which build and edition do you use?
  9. mhmda

    Add template to UnimDBGrid

    Unimdblist>unievents>beforeinit and see the template with functions
  10. mhmda

    Add template to UnimDBGrid

    Please refer to sample projects http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8954-me-myself-cart-a-new-mobile-app-with-full-source-code/page-1&do=findComment&comment=49590
  11. mhmda

    Add template to UnimDBGrid

  12. mhmda

    Add template to UnimDBGrid

    The exact solution is to use Xtemplate, it is very powerful and you may include inline function inside the template, I always use it especially in mobile.
  13. Great, Thank you and it looks good
  14. mhmda

    عيد مبروك 2018

    ينعاد ع الجميع بالصحة والخير واليمن والبركات
  15. Why would someone change that, it depends on the theme settings, you may hide it or you may change the column's background color.
  16. mhmda

    How to add a search icon in TUniEdit?

    The easy way is to put button next to the edit with glyphe and make the border radius 0 in left side, and that will work in any theme
  17. رمضان كريم، أعاده الله علينا باليمن والخير والبركات
  18. In 4 languages: English, Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew.
  19. mhmda

    DeliveryTech. new app launched !

    Hi, It is google translate.....
  20. mhmda

    DeliveryTech. new app launched !

    Mohammed Nasman worked on the Back-End ohammad worked on the Front-End
  21. mhmda

    Setting image url issue

    I can't recall but I think you have to assign a name for the component.
  22. mhmda

    Setting image url issue

    Hello, When I set the url for the uniimage: img:=TUniImage.Create(self); img.Parent:=pnl; img.LayoutConfig.Margin:='0 4 0 4'; img.Url:='files/images/Desktop/docket/plus.png'; img.Width:=9; img.Height:=9; The Image dosn't displayed because the framework adds width=0 and height=0 why???? <img src="files/images/Desktop/docket/plus.png" width="0" height="0"> Why doesn't it set the url only without the width/height??
  23. mhmda

    Touch floating action button

    For order & delivery app.
  24. mhmda

    Touch floating action button

    Hi, Unimpanel with unimcheckbox
  25. How can I hide the 'plus' 'minus' buttons when editing an integer field. I use the ubuntu theme.