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  1. mhmda

    DeliveryTech. new app launched !

    Hi, It is google translate.....
  2. mhmda

    DeliveryTech. new app launched !

    Mohammed Nasman worked on the Back-End ohammad worked on the Front-End
  3. mhmda

    Setting image url issue

    I can't recall but I think you have to assign a name for the component.
  4. mhmda

    Setting image url issue

    Hello, When I set the url for the uniimage: img:=TUniImage.Create(self); img.Parent:=pnl; img.LayoutConfig.Margin:='0 4 0 4'; img.Url:='files/images/Desktop/docket/plus.png'; img.Width:=9; img.Height:=9; The Image dosn't displayed because the framework adds width=0 and height=0 why???? <img src="files/images/Desktop/docket/plus.png" width="0" height="0"> Why doesn't it set the url only without the width/height??
  5. mhmda

    Basic layouts

    I think that the most important think that you must understand in developing webapp using unigui (extjs) is the 'layouts', here a basic screen shots to give you an overview how to start with. If I want that my mainform looks like this: project from here: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/layouts_1.rar I don't think that this is impossible or hard to achieve such design, if you look closely you could divide the dashboard to: Keep in mind this: if the parent layout is 'vbox' then for the children set width: '100%' if the parent layout is 'hbox' then for the children set height: '100%' flex: means the percent of width/height (depending in parent layout, if parent layout is 'vbox' then flex means height else means width flex=1 it will take the entire width/height unless there is another child with flex value <> 0 flex=1 for more than one child means all children will have the same percentage of width/height flex=1 for two, means first one will take 50% and second will take 50% flex=1 for three, means first,second, 3d will take 33% of with/height flex=0 the width/height will be the same as in design view
  6. mhmda

    Touch floating action button

    For order & delivery app.
  7. mhmda

    Touch floating action button

    Hi, Unimpanel with unimcheckbox
  8. How can I hide the 'plus' 'minus' buttons when editing an integer field. I use the ubuntu theme.
  9. Last build, windowd 10 64, Delphi 10.2.1 , it appears in all themes, I mean the UP/DOWN buttons.
  10. I have a dbgrid with several columns and when I double click on cell that have number I got these 'plus', 'minus' buttons, you can simply open any dbgrid example and take a column with numbers and try to edit cell with double click and see, I don't use row editor.
  11. mhmda

    transparent login form

    This is how you can make the Login Form transparent: 1. Add this css to Server Module-> Custom css: .frmLogin .x-window-body { background-color: transparent !important; } 2. Make the form color in design time to 'clNone'. 3. Form Login->ClientEvents->UniEvents->BeforeInit: function window.beforeInit(sender, config) { config.baseCls='frmLogin'; } It will make totally transparent with no border, only controls will appear. I use Extjs 6.5
  12. mhmda

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    It will rotate only 'UniImage1' or what you want.
  13. If I understand you correctly you want to put an image in specific column or any other control if so you have 3 solutions: 1. Server-side-> Field->onGetText 2. Client-side->Store->load->modify the column as you want. 3. Client-side->grid->viewready->customize the output for specific column.
  14. mhmda

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    Button->Ext events->Click. It's js code.
  15. I fixed the online demo. The project download works OK.
  16. Demo online: Project: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/UniAnimate.rar
  17. We use TMS FlexCel https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/flexcel.asp to do that and it works great :-)
  18. mhmda

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    This may help you: $(MainForm.UniImage1.el.dom).css({ "-webkit-transform": "rotate(90deg)", "-moz-transform": "rotate(90deg)", "transform": "rotate(90deg)" });
  19. mhmda

    Ripple in html UniLabel or UniImage...

    Hi, You are mixing a lot of things: html, .js code, .js files, css all in same place !! You have to separate thing and put them in the right place. This may help you http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/7934-animate-controls-using-greensock-gsap-library/?hl=gsap
  20. mhmda

    UniImage center property gets lost

    I think it's the same as for this forum.
  21. mhmda

    Remove border UniDbMemo

    Hi, test case would be great :-) What browser do you use for testing? Do you mean the border when focusing??
  22. Hi, I really love unigui and love you all guys... and a lot of you ask me for help here and help there especially with 'layouts' so I thought maybe I should do it more professional, so I will ask you: [unigui layouts - Extjs / Touch] Do you prefer a guide - pdf OR online live video conference (2 hours)?
  23. mhmda

    Problem encryption!!!

    We do encrypt passwords using hash algorithm and when it comes to sensitive data we encrypt it using RSA (with salt), and we never had a problem at all with unigui.
  24. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    I'm not sure but you may test it.