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  1. procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1CellClick(Column: TUniDBGridColumn); var val:string; clmn_name:string; begin val:=Column.Field.AsString; clmn_name:=Column.FieldName; end;
  2. Hi, You can use this procedure, you may run the file and wait till it finish and do any thing after finishing... procedure RunMe(aPath:string;aFilename:string); var ahwnd: HWND; sInfo: TStartupInfo; pInfo: TProcessInformation; AppName, AppWDir, CmdLine: PChar; begin if (trim(aFilename)='') or (trim(aPath)='') then begin ShowMessage('Please enter a valid path and a valid file name'); exit; end; //init sInfo.wShowWindow:=SW_SHOW;//show or hide the window sInfo.dwXSize:=0; sInfo.dwYSize:=0; AppName := PChar(aFilename); AppWDir := PChar(aPath); CmdLine := PChar('username:test1 password:1234');//if you need to pass params FillChar(sInfo, sizeof(TStartupInfo), 0); sInfo.cb := sizeof(TStartupInfo); sInfo.dwFlags := STARTF_FORCEONFEEDBACK or STARTF_FORCEOFFFEEDBACK; //run it CreateProcess( AppName, CmdLine, nil, nil, False, CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE or CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP or NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, nil, AppWDir, sInfo, pInfo ); ahwnd:=pInfo.hProcess; //wait untill finish while WaitForSingleObject(ahwnd, 100)=WAIT_TIMEOUT do begin end; //do anything after finishing...:-) end;
  3. mhmda

    Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم

  4. mhmda

    Threading in uniGUI

    Hello, I'm working on a project using unigui framework, and one part of the project is a "TELNET" connection to network equipment: reading a configuration from: Routers, Switchs, VoIP... for "TELNET" I use /n software ip*works components. But I didn't manage to run even a single connection from unigui, I tried using "TThread" but with no success. I don't know how to solve it ! When debugging the: "uIdThread" throws the exception, here is the relevant part from "uIdThread": Include(FOptions, itoReqCleanup); try try BeforeRun; try if Loop then begin while not Stopped do begin try Run; except on E: Exception do begin if not HandleRunException(E) then begin Terminate;>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< raise; end; end; end; end; end else begin here is a part of the code: TelnetClient=class(TipwTelnet) private level:integer; hostname:string; writing_data:boolean; memo1:TUniMemo; public procedure StartConnection(ip:string); procedure mDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; Text: string); procedure SendString(cmd:string;Key_Enter:integer); procedure Reconnect(Sender: TObject;const ConnectionEvent: string; StatusCode: Integer;const Description: string); procedure mDisconnected(Sender: TObject; StatusCode: Integer;const Description: string); destructor destroy();override; end;
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    Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم

    ينعاد على الجميع بالصحة والعافية والسلامة، ونسأل الله الجنة كل عام وانتم بخير
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    HowTo : send mail

    Ok, Thank you, I'll try it.....
  7. I'll thank you very much :- )
  8. Hi, Could this: send an image inside the html body?
  9. mhmda

    HowTo : send mail

    Thanx for this, Can I send image inside the body (not attached)?
  10. mhmda


    I think ~750$ is fair enough.... I think a great efforts been invested in unigui and I love it.... and I think that farshad will continue to improve it... We can't wait till EVERY thing ( as we want ) is working 100%, I believe that we have to give unigui a chance, and we all know that the future is "web application" and unigui made it so easy for us. I personally appreciate farshad's work and wish him good luck....:-)
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    Well, I started with "Delphi for PHP" aka HTML5 builder since it's first release, and I thought it would be a greate frmaework, but when I actually started to build my web apps there were many bugs and I waited for ver. 2, and ver. 3 (rad php) and finally html 5 builder witch was "awful" very awful. Many bugs since ver. 1 were not fixed... so I decided to move on---> Unigui and i'm happy now :-)
  12. Hi... ALL Does any one knows how can I read data from "calendar" in exchange server? The idea is to give the user the ability to see his appointments (in his account in exchange server) without using ms outlook etc.... to make it easy :-) Of course the server side of my webapp will handle that and unigui will handle the GUI for the user ! I'm not talking about emails, only calendar.... I thought about Indy and I want to be sure that I can use Indy in such mission :-) Some of my clients demand this. thanx
  13. mhmda

    Simple Desktop

    gooood :-)
  14. Hello to all, Here is a ver 2 of charts: See attachment to download The project. Charts.rar
  15. Hi, I have created a new project and I add a unicalendarpanel to it, but when running the project in browser it stucking with "loading..." !!!, I have tested it with Radstudio 2010 and XE2. Maybe I missing something... and I already looked into to the Calendarpanel demo... but I haven't managed running my own project in the browser.
  16. Hi, 1. Create a 'js' folder in your project directory: 2. Add the 'charts.js' file to 'js' folder: 3. add link to js file in server module: 4. Add html frame to your project and add this code to client events --> 'on added': 5. in js file add 'var' to store1: ...:-)......
  17. Hi, I hope this project will be useful to you... Download the project: see attached file... :-) Charts.rar
  18. mhmda

    How to Set(Change) Grid Current Column/Cell ?

    I didn't understand your question? If your dbgrid connected to datasourse you may know the specific record by using the table properties.
  19. Hi, I use this code to load image to html frame but I want the backgound of the htmlframe to be trnsparent: <img src="myimg.png"/> How can I make the htmlframe with Transparent background
  20. mhmda

    How to customize Unichart ?

    Hi, for now i'm working in something that I have to finish till friday, after that i'll put an example project here.
  21. mhmda

    How to customize Unichart ?

    I have managed to create the chart,using htmlframe and extjs code, see image: Also with animation when moving from one record to another.
  22. mhmda

    UniDBGrid Column autofit

    Hi, It's working greate ! 1. the 'OnResize' is an event for the DBGRID in Client Side Events, please follow me: Don't forget this line (it's very important): //validate if(sender.columns.length==0) return;
  23. I hate activeX it's limeted ONLY for IE.... and ie is sucks:-(