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    "poScreenCenter" doesn't update after resize

    Ok, I found it:-) MonitorScreenResize=True and procedure TMainForm.UniFormScreenResize(Sender: TObject; AWidth, AHeight: Integer); begin Left:=(AWidth-Width) div 2; Top:=(AHeight-Height) div 2; end; Good day to ALL
  2. Hello, When I resize the browser window the position of my window application doesn't change to match the new diminisions of browser window. how can I fix that
  3. Hello to all, I have a login screen with user name and password (edits), by default the edtPassword control have PasswordChar:='*' but I give the user the ability to show the password by clicking checkbox ('show password'), so when the user hit the check box I write this code: edtPassword.PasswordChar:=#0 But nothing happen the edtPassword still with ('*******') !!! How can I solve it? Thanx
  4. mhmda


    Good day to all :-) How can I user RTL in unigui, let's say that I want the memo control or the edit to be RTL (right to left)... Many thanx....
  5. mhmda

    How to use [https]

    I have set all permissions (read,write...) for that user, but still can't run it.
  6. mhmda

    How to use [https]

    Ok. I have created Virtual Directory under IIS 5.1 (winxp) and IIS 6 (server 2003) on both I didn't managed to run the dll file, I follwed the instruction on this forum but I think there is something missing (Directory Permissions) On this guid :-) so in IIS 5.1 I get this from unigui dll: An Exception has occured in application: Cannot create file "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\adan_int\cache\Project1\pPPhUBSK4GbkWoB\app_main_icon.png". The system cannot find the path specified Restart application I have checked all (read, write, excute...) In IIS 6 I get error from IIS (404): The webpage cannot be found Please help me and tell me how setup a virtual directory and run it under IIS :-) with unigui dll file :-)
  7. mhmda

    How to use [https]

    Ok for now I have a ssl certificate file (invoked using ms makecert.exe). I know that from internet I type my public IP (http://x.x.x.x:port) then all trafic (in/out) is managed by unigui, So how can IIS manage unigui traffic. I know how to configure IIS to use SSL file, but how can that affect traffic of unigui. I also mean that I can run unigui and use it without IIS, so unigui is responsible of all traffic. Can you please tell how?! it's very very important to me. many thanx....
  8. mhmda

    Great framwork

    Hi, This is a great framework, (delphi + extjs) the best !!! well done :-) How can I use Mysql in unigui? Thanx, Alsadek Mohammad Palastine
  9. mhmda

    Run it under linux server

    The site is hosted in ISP company that give me ONLY FTP access to upload files, phpadmin to manage mysql tables, I cann't run wine there...
  10. mhmda

    Run it under linux server

    Hello to all, I wish to build a site manage application with unigui for my frient, His database is Mysql and the site hosted in Linux server, there is NO access to database from the world, i meen for management, only from local, so how can deploy my project and run it under linux, is it possible? Alsadek mohammad
  11. mhmda

    multi language

    Great.... where is your question... :-)
  12. mhmda

    Great framwork

    Thanx... again