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  1. Farshad ones suggested to check spyware that might redirect the traffic to wrong destination, I had this issue ones and was because of spyware.
  2. mhmda

    Grid inside Grid it's possible !

    hhhhhhhhhhhhh :-) I do it because I love Unigui/Extjs...
  3. mhmda

    Reponsive WebApp?

    Why Why? With unigui/extjs you can achieve what you want.
  4. mhmda

    Advanced Desktop

    Yes it works with Extjs 6.5.
  5. mhmda

    UniGUI + PhoneGap

    We also use Android studio + Swift to deploy web app for google play and app store
  6. mhmda

    ShowMask always masks entire application?

    In extjs 4.2.5 it was woking fine. We need it in client side to work correctly.
  7. Hi, Online: Project: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/chosenCombo.rar Hope this will help you...
  8. mhmda

    Center label on panel, wrong X position

    Too many calculation... You can use layouts for that. What do you want to do? Image if it possible.
  9. mhmda

    Panel header icons [tools]

    Is there any way to implement Panel->Tools (header icons) using unigui? OR I must do it using 'beforeinit' in js events?
  10. I already told you about that...
  11. mhmda

    Mobile: Email and Text

    To send Email you can search google for that. For sms we already use a API Gateway and must purchase packages (1000 sms, 5000 sms...). Personally when using the mobile itself for sending a sms the mobile operator investigate the sms and check it's content has a commercial content and if so: you will get a warning or something worst :-( Here every subscriber has a stack of 5,000 sms but ONLY for personal use.
  12. mhmda

    TUniCanvas, Layout problem

    Here is the solution, works as expected 1. In order to access frame in js you must assign a name: procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); var s:string; FrC : TUniFrameClass; Fr : TUniFrame; begin s:=AnsiUpperCase(UniApplication.Parameters.Values['ViewType']); if s=AnsiUpperCase('Test') then begin FrC := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TframTest')); Fr := FrC.Create(Self); Fr.Name:='frmCanvas';{<---------------} Fr.Parent := Self; end; end; 2. Capture the 'resize' event of the Frame and send ajaxRequest to inform the server about the actual size by sending ajax to parent panel: 'UniPanel1': function resize(sender, width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight, eOpts) { console.log(frmCanvas.UniPanel1.getWidth()); ajaxRequest(frmCanvas.UniPanel1, 'updateCanvasSize', ['w='+frmCanvas.UniPanel1.getWidth(),'h='+frmCanvas.UniPanel1.getHeight()]); } 3. 'UniPanel1': 'AjaxEvent' procedure TframTest.UniPanel1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); var w,h:integer; a:string; begin if EventName='updateCanvasSize' then begin a:=Params.Text; w:=StrToIntDef(Params.Values['w'],100);//the 100 is default in case of error h:=StrToIntDef(Params.Values['h'],100);//the 100 is default in case of error cnvCounter.Width:=w; cnvCounter.Height:=h; end; end; Take this in mind: you should remove the 'Div 2' in delphi code: X1:=Random(Width div 2); Y1:=Random(Height div 2); X2:=Random(Width div 2); Y2:=Random(Height div 2); If you leave the 'Div 2' the it will draw the shape only in half of actual size of the canvas.
  13. mhmda

    TUniCanvas, Layout problem

    Hi, The the width & Height are the same as server side, you may pass them from the client-side to server-side and after that do your drawing, you can use the Delphi debugger and the browser console to see the difference of the size. And don't use 'alClient' with layouts.
  14. You can run my code directly in browser console. I already mentioned that in Extjs 6.x there is 'requires' section in app.js that you define what to load it and it is similar to the 'uses' in delphi. Is there any way to do that in unigui.
  15. mhmda

    Do you use any ORM?

    I used it in a web service as RESTful API and it works the way like noSQL with mySQL. I didn't use it along with unigui. You can ask my friend http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/user/1329-mohammed-nasman/ he used it with unigui project. There is a good book about mormot: https://www.amazon.com/Enterprise-Delphi-Databases-2nd-Elevate/dp/1542817544
  16. mhmda

    Do you use any ORM?

    My friend use TMS Aurelius for ORM. I personally use mORMot but it hard to understand and it's extremely fast as RESTful API Service.
  17. Delphi Developer: I also had this error ONLY in latest version (6.5) and I think it because the way that Extjs 6.5 works (MVC) and you must use 'requires' for the used class. I mean if I use custom component of Extjs, for example: Ext.draw.Container it will through the same error unless you add the appropriate class in the 'requires' of the App, and I don't know where to do that? I already sent Farshad a PM about this, do you have any solution for that? Example code: try to execute this in the console while running your app var drawContainer = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Container', { renderTo: Ext.getBody(), width:200, height:200, sprites: [{ type: 'circle', fillStyle: '#79BB3F', r: 100, x: 100, y: 100 }] }); The error: Uncaught TypeError: c is not a constructor at eval (eval at getInstantiator (ext-all.js:20), <anonymous>:3:8) at Object.create (ext-all.js:20) at <anonymous>:1:25 If I add 'unichart' to uses clause then it works fine :-)
  18. mhmda

    Layout: advanced tutorial

    Please show an image of what you want to achieve.
  19. mhmda

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    +1 41 years. Using Delphi for about 5 years, before that I use c++ builder, and the beginning was with VB and Visual c++ (MFC).
  20. mhmda

    Advanced Desktop

    I think in few months it will be ready and will show you a sneak...
  21. mhmda

    Basic layouts

    I am writing a guide book for that, I will publish it in the forum when it is ready, stay tuned :-)
  22. mhmda

    Basic layouts

    Now it works just fine, please consider this: DO NOT USE 'Align' property at all leave it 'alNone' Set 'Layout' = 'vbox' for Dashboardform Set flex = 1 for the red panel Project attached. YAPS.rar