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  1. fcarvalho4

    What is the best delphi version for unigui?

    I'm using 2009 and it works without problems!
  2. fcarvalho4


    Very nice, Thanks!
  3. fcarvalho4

    Simple web Publisher

    In chrome browser work properly, without problem!
  4. fcarvalho4

    Themes New Css for unigui v0.95.0.1046

    good mornig! where is de file?
  5. fcarvalho4

    Collapsible Side Menu

  6. fcarvalho4


    what is the question?
  7. fcarvalho4

    Unigui em outro PC

    tens que colocar a pasta ext-4.??.?? junto do executavel.
  8. fcarvalho4

    Versão unigui para delphi 7?

  9. fcarvalho4

    uniGUI Mobile for Sencha Touch

    vey good news! Thks
  10. fcarvalho4

    How to make loginform centered when resizing the browser?

    i use the version and works well in all forms. maybe is a bug
  11. fcarvalho4

    How to make loginform centered when resizing the browser?

    see the example on the link http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3676-formresize/
  12. fcarvalho4

    How to make loginform centered when resizing the browser?

    procedure TfrmLogin.UniFormScreenResize(Sender: TObject; AWidth, AHeight: Integer); begin Self.Left := AWidth div 2 - Self.Width div 2; self.Top := AHeight div 2 - Self.Height div 2; end; i hope has solved your problem?!
  13. fcarvalho4

    problemas no dbgrid

    Deve ser feito no evento DrawColumnCel. Segue exemplo abaixo procedure TfrmGridInsereAltera.UniDBGrid1DrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin Column.Title.Font.Size := 10; Column.Title.Font.Color := clBlue; Column.Title.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; if ACol=0 then begin Attribs.Color:=clLtGray; Attribs.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; Column.Title.Font.Size := 9; Column.Title.Font.Color := clRed; Column.Title.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; end; end; Espero que resolva.
  14. fcarvalho4

    Customer Area Web Application

    I already received the license thanks Farshad
  15. fcarvalho4

    XE5 Version ?

  16. fcarvalho4

    Anyone interested in a paid experiment?

    thanks pal!
  17. fcarvalho4

    Support for DELPHI XE5

    i know, but he this is not there! lately he has don't said nothing.
  18. fcarvalho4

    Support for DELPHI XE5

    i said where!
  19. fcarvalho4

    Support for DELPHI XE5

    where is the Farshad?
  20. fcarvalho4

    Guide To Deployment

    mt obrigado! Thanks!
  21. why you don't use the idSMTP with OpenSSL?
  22. fcarvalho4

    My CV as UniGUI application

    Congratulations Rober!
  23. fcarvalho4

    Financial contribution

    I agree to! Fernando Carvalho