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  1. In chrome browser work properly, without problem!
  2. tens que colocar a pasta ext-4.??.?? junto do executavel.
  3. i use the version and works well in all forms. maybe is a bug
  4. see the example on the link http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3676-formresize/
  5. center the form when resize the browser. FormResize.zip
  6. procedure TfrmLogin.UniFormScreenResize(Sender: TObject; AWidth, AHeight: Integer); begin Self.Left := AWidth div 2 - Self.Width div 2; self.Top := AHeight div 2 - Self.Height div 2; end; i hope has solved your problem?!
  7. Deve ser feito no evento DrawColumnCel. Segue exemplo abaixo procedure TfrmGridInsereAltera.UniDBGrid1DrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin Column.Title.Font.Size := 10; Column.Title.Font.Color := clBlue; Column.Title.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; if ACol=0 then begin Attribs.Color:=clLtGray; Attribs.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; Column.Title.Font.Size := 9; Column.Title.Font.Color := clRed; Column.Title.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; end; end; Espero que resolva.
  8. I already received the license thanks Farshad
  9. i know, but he this is not there! lately he has don't said nothing.
  10. I agree to! Fernando Carvalho
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