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    UniHTMLFrame Print and export PDF

    See the demo FasReport (..\Demos\Desktop\FastReport)
  2. fcarvalho4


    Sample code how to use google api chart https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery
  3. fcarvalho4


    Sorry, I forgot the attach file! GoogleApiChart.zip
  4. fcarvalho4

    Embarcadero Aquired by IDERA

    You think it's good news?
  5. fcarvalho4

    how to publish dll on win10 iis

    Please see unigui developer's manual.
  6. fcarvalho4


    center the form when resize the browser. FormResize.zip
  7. fcarvalho4

    UniGUI - File Explorer

    FileExplore with FDMemTable! WebFileExplorer.zip
  8. Hello everybody! One more client side function,only validate numbers! UniEdit1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents function beforeInit(sender, config) { Ext.apply(Ext.form.field.VTypes, { nonDecimalNumber: function (value) { return /^\d{13,13}$/.test(value); }, nonDecimalNumberText: 'The length must be 13 characters' }); Ext.apply(sender, { extend: 'Ext.form.field.Number', xtype: 'numberfield', minValue: 0000000000000, maxValue: 9999999999999, allowBlank: false, maskRe: /[0-9]/, vtype: 'nonDecimalNumber' }); }
  9. fcarvalho4

    Erro na Publicação ISAPI IIS 8

  10. fcarvalho4

    Set mobile screen orientation

    You can use the property anchors of the objects to fix it!
  11. fcarvalho4

    Change icon server

    You are wellcome!
  12. fcarvalho4

    Change icon server

    I do this in UniserverModule property favicon.
  13. fcarvalho4

    CDN (Content Delivery Network)

    Is a great idea!
  14. fcarvalho4

    Error opening demo

    I had the same error! I fixed this by Repair the Delphi instalation!
  15. fcarvalho4

    Onde é feito o unigui

    Turkey, I guess!
  16. fcarvalho4

    export to XLS or CSV

    You can use the JvDBGridExcelExport from JEDI components, http://jvcl.delphi-jedi.org
  17. fcarvalho4

    uniGUI Mobile for Sencha Touch

    Very good, i like it! when you make the new version and mobile version availble?
  18. fcarvalho4

    enter pelo tab no frame

    Vê o exemplo formnavigate!
  19. fcarvalho4

    About Mobile version

    Very good!!!
  20. fcarvalho4

    enter pelo tab no frame

    No UniMainModule NavigateKeys
  21. fcarvalho4

    How to insert image into UniHTMLMemo

    with copy-paste
  22. fcarvalho4

    What is the best delphi version for unigui?

    I'm using 2009 and it works without problems!
  23. fcarvalho4


    Very nice, Thanks!