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  1. Hi and thanks for the information, but I wanted to see live sites or public platforms made with UNIGUI, so it would be great to have some links..
  2. Hi Guys, It would be nice to see some of your sites created with UNIGUI, I would be very grateful you can lay some links to see the UNIGUI work, thanks to those who want to answer...
  3. Ok, now everything is clear, I will give directions to the purchasing office to get a full license, so I will immediately get to work. In the future, I will definitely trouble you again to ask for help in case of need. Hi and Good luck to all the team...
  4. OK, It is logical that my project will be written in delphi, but it will become part of an existing platform as an additional feature, but I didn't quite understand if in the case I described to you, I can use UNIGUI, please be clearer about this???
  5. Hi to all, I am a delphi programmer who works in a software development company, our company, in addition to many single software, has created a platform that offers different services written in java using a library other than UniGui, now they have asked me to create a functionality link to the platform but which can be easily independent from the graphical point of view and since I am an excellent programmer from Delhi I had thought of using UNIGUI to realize what they asked me, but reading the license I saw that perhaps this thing is not possible YOU MAY NOT: v) Use or distribute the included OEM Ext JS (Sencha Touch) library in other projects which are not created using uniGUI framework; So I HAVE to give up ??? Please let me know if I can start collaborating with you and what kind of license we can buy to realize what I have described to you .. Hoping to become your user and to spread UNIGUI in my company, I greet you and wish you all the best. Regards Giuseppe Pizza ACCA Software www.accasoftware.com
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