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  1. Hello.... I create a unigui project with the December 2015 Version of Unigui, Now I download the actually Version ( In every form which I open i get in the IDE (XE7) the following message: monitoredkeys.keys does not exists. can you help me pls ?
  2. Hello... I need help with a Ajax Event inside of a TUniHTMLFrame. a) I have TUniHTMLFrame which render a Chart. By Start all works and Chart in rendered right. I have a Button. With this Button I try to call the Event. But nothing happens. The event is not fiered I use ClientEvents.Extevents In "Click" I write function click(sender, e, eOpts) { ajaxRequest(frm_Graphic.frameChart2, "renderChartsDays" , [ "aaa" , "bbb" ]); } can you anybody help me ? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi... I have a Query.... Query is shown in Grid... Now I want export this Grid to local machine (as CSV oder as XLS) have you a Tip for me Or a Demo ? I use: Delphi XE7 and latest Version of UniGui with UniDac from DevArt. bye and thanks www.JRichmann.de
  4. Hi,,,, in your Delphi Demos CurrentTheme works... But in my project CurrentTheme is unkown. What is my error ? procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin CurrentTheme:='default'; end; www.JRichmann.de
  5. Hi... I test UniGui and I must say... it works real Good tomorrow I will order it. It is real good and Delphi can go with It to the WEB www.JRichmann.de
  6. yeahhh success with XE7 Now Good thing will test now thanks and bye
  7. i found on HD uni.... without end.... for today not exisiting delphi versions
  8. how I found all "related folders" I test it xxxx times... possible that I have 5 Versions on PC
  9. >Please uninstall all previous versions and remove all related folders before installing new version OK... 1 try we have now
  10. - can not install new (on 2 Delphi Versions) - can not install old (with legal lincece Key) - have no time I spend tomorrow little time in in... But seems we have now php again (shit... I want real use unigui)... But installation is a desaster
  11. Hi... all my trys to install new UniGui Demo with XE7 or D2010 was bad... Now I want install old Version (which runs 2 years before): fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.94.0.1019_setup (2).exe But now it seems my Licene Key is not longer valid
  12. Hi... I want install unigui with XE7 bye uniGUI21Core I get a error: [dcc32 Fataler error] uniGUI21Core.dpk(82): F2051 Unit uniGUITypes is with a other Version of Ext.TExtComponent compiliert bye...
  13. Hello... Today I install latest Version of Unigui. Now I meet the following Problem: StandaloneServer is always true (I can't set to false) and so I can't run as nurmal Win APP. Is there now any other way/feature to make it possible run the EXE as normal windows application ?
  14. I deinstall ALL.... then I install ALL Now runs.... happy
  15. if I try to run the EXE in Browser on one of the servers with localhost:8077 I have the same problem On my PC all works good
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