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    Click to access APK Generator App What is UniAndroid? UniAndroid is a UniGUI component that allows you to interact with an Android device such as get the location of the device, auth fingerprint, send a notification, disable back button, etc. How does it work? I developed a generic android application that has a Webview and related codes to send information to the UniAndroid component. Also, I developed an APK creator application so you can set a package name, version code, App name, etc. You can see the parameters below. The main thing here is the Iframe URL. It will be your unigui application URL. To demo features leave the URL as is. When you set parameters and click to Generate APK, it will generate an APK. You can install the APK to your android device and test it. Note: Change icon is in progress. What features already implemented? 1- Disable Back Button 2- Keep Screen Awake 3- Get Device Location 4- Fingerprint 5- Notification What you have in your roadmap? #2 Wifi Control #3 Google Speech Recognition Without Popup #4 Bluetooth Printer #5 Barcode Scanner #6 Android Device Unique ID #7 Toast Message #8 NFC Reader [16 Sep 2020] - The first version released. UniAndroid.zip
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    Hello, I am creating set of components. Feel free to send me javascript libraries to make them an UniGUI component and add to this package. You can find good libraries from this web sites : https://www.javascripting.com http://www.bestjquery.com/ https://bestofjs.org/ https://awesomerepos.com/javascript # Changelog ## [10 Sep 2019] - UniOSPaypalButtons Link ## [11 Apr 2020] - UniWebCam and UniVideoPanel Link ## [09 Jul 2020] UniFlowChart and UnimBarcodeScanner Link ## [18 Aug 2020] UniQZ Link Please change this based on your delphi version. http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/Compiler_Versions UniGUIOS.dpk
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    A simple example "how to" capture image in desktop format with image feedback and save in temp's folder or load in you dataset field (see comments in code). In Mobile uses the unimFileUpload component. Won't work in IOs/IPhone if the server is not in a https:// connection. www.unigui.com.br-Capture Image.rar
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    This works perfectly. Thank you very much.
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    .mainbtnimg { position: initial; } UnimImage3.Stretch := True; UnimImage3.Proportional := True; thank you
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    Delphi -> uniGUI for Delphi -> Inheritable Items
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    Hello, In your case you need use UniSession.AddJS...
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    Great, works perfect. Thanks a lot, Sherzod!!!
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    Well for the test, we have a lot of standard themes, you can also test on these themes, I think.
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    Ooops! I've found the reason - for column "Name" property ShowSummary = False was set. Problem solved. Thanks for help!!!
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    This project brought together several resources to improve its interface when using uniGUI. The approach, for example, presents a great advantage and speed of adaptation of the concepts presented to suit your projects. It has a simple build for buttons that mimic the appearance of the bootstrap. The advantage of using this CSS file is that not using the Boostrap interface directly and in this way you will avoid several alignment and spacing problems that will arise when using the uniGUI basic controls. You can combine these css classes with the resurrection of icons of fonts currently existing in the unigui. And finally, we added the Hover.css class that will create a number of simple animation effects on your Buttons, Labels, Panels, Images etc ... it will practically work on everyone. Buttons CSS (btn-bootstrap.css) by Silvio Santos - uniguidesign@gmail.com. Hover.css by Ian Lun - https://ianlunn.github.io/ Example, Adaptations and improvements by Fred Montier www.unigui.com.br-BS-FA-Animation.rar
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    In this video we will continue building our dashboard - Left menu. Project: unigui_dashboard.rar
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    Hello , I have used the first Approach in 2 wizards , it is working fine with organizing each step code in {$REGION}, but I don't recommend it. in another wizard I mix between 1 and 3 (Especially good if you going to use existing forms and use them inside taps) I think you will be better off with no 3 it will be more manageable like Mohamed Nasman said regards
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    Hello, I have used approach 2, but moved to 3. I'm using forms but embedded inside panel as it a frame, I only use frames for static data that will be shared across many forms. Forms has much more features and events, for example I use OnShow event to prepare some data
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    I don't want to hijack your thread and change the subject but can we use Frames for mobile development? After seeing the difference in layout properties of desktop and mobile versions, I completely dismissed using frames for such cases under mobile.
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    Hello Jean Marc, i really like this kind of topics. Never again coding with spaghetti code ! That is the resolution for a good developer. in major of unigui project, i am using your solution N°2 : - minimum code on each Frame - maximum code on a Class The class will have all necessary methods. This approach gives much clear code, easyer to maintain and valuable for hybrid project (Desktop and Mobile). Regards
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    Остается мне воспроизвести, проанализировать для других элементов тоже, или же поискать другой способ.
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    Здравствуйте, Попробуйте например такой код: procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1ColumnSummary(Column: TUniDBGridColumn; GroupFieldValue: Variant); begin if SameText(Column.FieldName, 'quantity') then begin if Column.AuxValue=NULL then Column.AuxValue:=0; if Column.Field.DataSet.FieldByName('quantity').AsInteger > 500 then Column.AuxValue:=Column.AuxValue + Column.Field.AsInteger end else if SameText(Column.FieldName, 'unitprice') then begin if Column.AuxValue=NULL then Column.AuxValue:=0.0; if Column.Field.DataSet.FieldByName('quantity').AsInteger > 500 then Column.AuxValue:=Column.AuxValue + (Column.Field.AsFloat * ClientDataSet1Quantity.AsInteger) end; end;
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    Maybe you wanted something like this: .x-grid-cell { vertical-align: middle; } .x-grid-cell-inner { line-height: 100%; }
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    Here is a screenshot where the height is 36px. Also attach is the CSS file where I have added the selector to make the adjustments, blocked of with comments. NOTE: I have not fully tested this to see if it influence any other selectors. Also please remember that with a new version install it will override this file so you would need to break it out into it's own file. I will later on create a theme based on a "slimmer" version. Regards, G uni-xtheme-uni_emerald.css
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    I determined that it worked if I used HTTP but not HTTPS. BUT after not getting it to work, I made a small test program to show to Delphi Developer. In the test program I changed it from <embed> to <iframe> like he said and it worked. So he gave me the answer all along and I didn't try it because I could get it to work on my computer. Once again Delphi Developer came through with the answer. Just trust him.
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    Awesome. This is A-class service. Thank you so much!