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    Hi The example from drBob is very old..try my example where i use also a sms provider bulksms and messagebird You have to use the provided api link from you provider. I didn't try it using it as a .dll http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11892-here-an-example-for-sending-sms/
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    Hi, Can you try these steps? 1. CustomFiles: files/html2canvas.min.js 2. MainForm.Script: function canvasSaveAs(uri, filename) { var link = document.createElement('a'); if (typeof link.download === 'string') { link.href = uri; link.download = filename; document.body.appendChild(link); link.click(); document.body.removeChild(link); } else { window.open(uri); } } 3. How to use, for example: procedure TMainForm.UniButton2Click(Sender: TObject); var fName: string; begin fName := 'capture' + FormatDateTime('ddmmyyyyhhnnss', Now); UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCode( 'html2canvas(document.querySelector("#'+ UniPanel1.JSId +'")).then(function(canvas) {'+ ' canvasSaveAs(canvas.toDataURL(), "'+ fName +'");'+ '});' ); end;
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    Hi In the attachment a simple example how to send a sms text message. In this example is use www.bulksms.com for sending my sms messages but you can have you're own one if you want. Every sms provider has his own url for sending messages, in this case you see the url from bulksms. So in you're own case you have to see the documentation of the sms provider. Most sms providers have also mail-to-sms, but for me this is a simple low-cost solution to create you're own 2FA. Regards Peter SendSMS.zip