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    Hello everyone! A while ago I looked for a component or something that made it easy to use Highcharts in Unigui but I was unsuccessful. So I decided to develop my own component to do this. After 2 months of work is in a more stable version and decided to share with the community. I remind you that Highcharts is free for personal use only. Download from github: https://github.com/andriwsluna/Unigui-Components With this component it is possible to generate a chart with only 6 lines of code. Follow : EchoHightChart1.HighChartOptions.title.text.Value := 'Introduction'; EchoHightChart1.HighChartOptions.series.Datasource.DataSet := FDMemTable1; EchoHightChart1.HighChartOptions.series.List.FieldNameForSerie := 'Operation'; EchoHightChart1.HighChartOptions.series.List.FieldNameForX := 'month'; EchoHightChart1.HighChartOptions.series.List.FieldNameForY := 'value'; EchoHightChart1.Load; Note that there is a Datasource for data access. See demo: PM me to contribute with this project. Thanks.
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    uniGUI does TinyMCE (revisited) After checking several editor examples and the promise of the full html editor has not yet appeared in uniGUI, check out this solution published in 2016 by an uniGUI contributor. I recompiled and checked the features, still working without problem in the new versions. So if you need to add an html editor and save the text code, this is a really good solution. Author: Stanislav Panteleev http://digital-flame.ru/author/stanislav_panteleev/ http://digital-flame.ru/2016/02/10/unigui-tinymce-dobavlyaem-moshhnyiy-tekstovyiy-redaktor/ FYI: I know this was posted here before. www.unigui.com.br-TinyMCEdemo.rar
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    Hello friends, Here is an easy sample for switching between Desktop and mobile version. Best regards. NB : Replace Const MyIP = by yours (on MainModule) Hybrid2.zip
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    Hello, I am a user and enthusiast of uniGUI and I am promoting a YouTube channel with tips and marketing of a base project with native components and some techniques that speed up the development process with a nice layout. The Brazilian community is growing and we wish to contribute to the growth of uniGUI. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAoKfysP8spZBEtlII3GQg WhatsApp Project RadCORE Group https://chat.whatsapp.com/FSqt24K73uz4qSwMWLWtm9 WhatsApp UniGUI - The Community Group https://chat.whatsapp.com/FrlSDHAoVX51ihEZPgEN93
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    Have fun !!! uniGUI Racing.rar
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    Can you try another solution? 1. Remove: function menushow(sender, menu, eOpts) { /*var me=sender.menu; if (me) { me.setWidth(sender.getWidth()); me.items.each(function(item){ item.setMinWidth(sender.getWidth()-6) }); }*/ } 2. type TXPopupMenu = class(TUniPopupMenu) end; 3. UniFormReady event: procedure TMainForm.UniFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin with TXPopupMenu(UniPopupMenu1).MenuControl.JSInterface do JSConfig('minWidth', [UniMenuButton1.Width-6]); end;
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    One of the possible solutions for now. Instead of & use &&, for example: UniMenuItem.Caption = "& & test"
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    Yes, sure - that's it's main purpose! You can also feel free to make any adaptions / modifications to your need. This is just a little gift from me to the UniGui community without any limitations from my side.
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    version 0.99 UniComboBox -remote query with fixed list Hello Farshad , there is a way to prevent bad input or errors? For ex: DevExpress cxDBLookupCombobox can sets the DropDownListStyle to lsFixedList for avoid user input of casual value in combo editor.. Is this possible with uniComboBox with remote query? I want that ONLY correct values can be typed; if i add some "not found" chars, edit value must revert to latest right value. Best regards.
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    A good property in ServerModule would be good for example, TextDefaultMask, if it has value there always takes it from there maybe for some controls.
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    To all brothers and sisters. Asking God to agree our life journey here below.
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    From the world famous series "uniGUI DOES" here we go with simple animations with the greatest results and minimal efforts... Just define the CSS animation and apply to any interface object. In this case, panels hosting images. Have fun. www.unigui.com.br-uniGUI DOES ANIMATIONS.rar
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    Hi In the attachment a simple example how to send a sms text message. In this example is use www.bulksms.com for sending my sms messages but you can have you're own one if you want. Every sms provider has his own url for sending messages, in this case you see the url from bulksms. So in you're own case you have to see the documentation of the sms provider. Most sms providers have also mail-to-sms, but for me this is a simple low-cost solution to create you're own 2FA. Regards Peter SendSMS.zip
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    Also we've found a better solution for event. Selected text is nedded in the event handler of a button, therefor issue can be solved in this way (sample for two memos): function click(sender, e, eOpts) { var selText1 = Form1.UniHTMLMemo1.selectedText, selText2 = Form1.UniHTMLMemo2.selectedText; if (selText1 || selText2) ajaxRequest(sender, 'selectedTexts', [ "UniHTMLMemo1="+selText1, "UniHTMLMemo2="+selText2 ]); } Server side: procedure TForm1.UniToolButton1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); var s: string; begin if EventName = 'selectedTexts' then begin s := Params.Values['UniHTMLMemo1'].Trim; s := Params.Values['UniHTMLMemo2'].Trim; end; end;
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    Hi, Increase value of the UniServerModule -> AjaxTimeout parameter.
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    Use function inside itemTpl: config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate( '<table class="lsttbl">'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_title" style="width:100px;padding-bottom:10px;">שם מוצר:</td>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_info" style="color:#e91e63;padding-bottom:10px;">{3}</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_title" style="padding-bottom:10px;">כמות:</td>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_info" style="padding-bottom:10px;">{4}</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_title" style="padding-bottom:10px;">זמן:</td>'+ '<td class="lsttbl_info" style="padding-bottom:10px;">{5}</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '</table>'+ '<img src="files/images/ic_prdct{7}.png" style="position:absolute;left:20px;top:15px;"/>'+ '{[this.getReady(values)]}', { getReady: function(values) { if(values[6]) return '<img src="files/images/ready.png" style="position:absolute;left:20px;top:20px;"/>'; else return ''; } } );
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    I've already posted a demo of obtaining images from canvas in unigui. This article shows how to draw webcam snapshots on canvas http://arstechnica.com/business/2012/01/hands-on-building-an-html5-photo-booth-with-chromes-new-webcam-api/ What else do you need?