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    Can you try this approach ?! UniDBTreeGrid -> ClientEvents -> 1. UniEvents -> function beforeInit: function beforeInit(sender, config) { sender.expandedNodes=[]; } 2. ExtEvents -> function store.beforeload function store.beforeload(store, operation, eOpts) { var me=this.grid; me.expandedNodes=[]; me.getRootNode().cascadeBy(function(node) { if (node.data.expanded) { me.expandedNodes.push(node.data.id) } }); } 3. ExtEvents -> function store.nodeappend function store.nodeappend(sender, node, index, eOpts) { if (this.grid.expandedNodes && this.grid.expandedNodes.indexOf(node.data.id)!=-1) { if (node.parentNode.data.expanded) { node.expand() } else { node.data.expanded = true } } }
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    Note, I've now created a github repo with the code and the fixes I made. It is available here.
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    This is a page javascript return value to unigui control example, a mouse click on the map to Baidu map to get latitude and longitude passed to unigui control, for example, the latitude and longitude passed to unigui controls, you can call the latitude and longitude of the code in unigui. Version UniGui: Delphi: XE5 Page javascript to pass values ??to unigui Controls(baidumap).rar
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    Hello everybody, It's very important to understand the layout and the best way to learn them is by practicing, and here is a project showing how to design a dashboard in uniGUI using layouts, I have searched the internet for a dashboard and found this one and this project for you. I hope this will help you understand layouts. Plus: responsive content ! + UniCharts (Pie & line) - try to resize your browser, and try to refresh page to see random results for the charts. Online demo here: Download project (with .exe) http://3msoft.net/mhmd/layout.rar
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    Works great!!!! thanks a lot!!!
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    I will try to give you one possible solution a bit later
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    Вам лучше надо не MainForm а MainModule
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    Hi! For those who are still in the first steps of UniGui, just like me. Here is the implementation of the Jquery plugin to measure the strength of the password in your projects. PassMeter.rar
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    https://store.falconsistemas.com.br https://app.falconsistemas.com.br -> user: teste@teste.com - password: teste https://jsontodelphi.com https://app.icbcelula.com.br
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    Hi , Document Viewer: simple interface unigui to view OpenOffice + Pdf documents. See : http://viewerjs.org DocViewer.zip Good fun . Regards Salvatore Marullo
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    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to be able to drag a treenode in a treeview and drop it on a panel?
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    You have 266 fixes for different properties in CustomCSS: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/search/&q=CustomCSS I think that good idea is to collect many of them into one or several non-visible components. Something like TJvNavPaneStyleManager from Jedi components you can see in attach. I think that is possible and not too hard, and could significantly extend the display settings of components.
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    Hello to all, [Edit]: code/project was improved and uploaded. Here is a jQuery widget with animation and fully customized and fully responsive that I have written recently: Works excellent when resizing the browser window ! Code: $('#newTasks').circleProgress({ title:'15', caption:'New tasks', bgcolor:'#e1dddd', fgcolor:'#54c0fd', tfntcolor:'#54c0fd', cfntcolor:'#b0aeae', animationstep:1, rotateanimationstep:0.4, total:100, value:30, mstyle:0, thik:25, shadow:1 }); You may test is online (for limited time): You can download project from here [port: 8076]: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/CircleProgress.rar
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    I did some tests with the MUpload example. These are my results: Test 1: 548 files, sizes from 1 kb to 22 mb, total size is 1,22 GB Upload time is 16m 30 sec. from one ssd to another ssd / Upload speed is around ~1,19 MB / sec Notes: Then MUpload were very slow building the queue up, at least 1 min. Notes: The MUpload transfers ~100 files at the same times, when 1 file finished it starts another one from the queue. Notes: Maximum memory usage were ~ 24 MB of system memory. Perfect ------- Test 2 20 files, sizes 30 MB to 40 MB each, total size is 630 MB Upload time is 3 min. from one ssd to another ssd / Upload speed is around ~3,60 MB / sec Notes: Larger files means faster transfer. Notes: Maximum memory usage were 800 MB of system memory. Why? Notes: Every time a file finished MUpload peaked at 600-800 MB of system memory from ~150 to 200 mb. ------- Test 3 10 files, sizes 50 MB to 60 MB each, total size is 531 MB Upload time is 2m 30 sec. from one ssd to another ssd / Upload speed is around ~3,60 MB / sec Notes: Maximum memory usage were 1 GB of system memory. Why? Notes: Every time a file finished MUpload peaked at around 800 MB of system memory from ~150 to 200 mb. ----- Test 4 3 files, all ~100 MB, total size is 300 MB It fails with out of memory, it even fails with only 1 file. I have 16 GB memory with at least 8 GB free. ----- Other having the same issues with large files?
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    Hello, Something strange is happening when I use the ActionButtons, if it has the Last option, it gives the error of IMG1 when clicking Confirm of RowEditor, and if it is First it gives the error of IMG2
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    Hello DD, Is it possible to set different colors for the same UnibarSerie ? As below. Thx
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    Hi, Can you try this approach ?!: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2663-how-to-customize-unichart/&do=findComment&comment=23057 Best regards,
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    Hello, Here is another widget that I have created, you can use it in ungui app: code: $('#divBar').ProgressBar({ position:89, devide:5, title:'250 GB', caption:'Free', icon:'images/cpuu.png', bgcolor:'#f7f6f6', clrborder:'#d2d0d0', clrstart:'#72c926', clrend: '#87de38', tfntcolor:'#acacac', cfntcolor:'#fcb34d', animate:true }); Online test: Download project: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/ProgressBar.rar
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    hello farshad, will unigui support lazarus & free pascal in the future ? i could see free pascal & lazarus ide is a mature product. many has use it in commercial product. even fast report now available for lazarus. if unigui could support lazarus, it will be great - great advantage, people don't have to waste money to buy delphi to build web application delphi is very - very expensive. student in university can learn this framework very fast, because they can obtain lazarus easily. in my country in indonesia, lots of university still use pascal for basic programming concept on their curriculum. please share your idea with us farshad..... thanks in advance
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    This example show how to add a button in a UniDbGrid column. It's simple. This's just a trick. Project_UniGui_DbGrid_Button.zip